Tipi, Tepee, Kåta, Tent, Marquee. The name can interchange, but one thing everyone agrees on is the breathtaking atmosphere they create.
Every event deserves the best and we are here to make it memorable.  Our tipi’s can transform any celebration into a once-in-a-lifetime event that you & your guest will always remember.


The tipi’s get their roots from the Sami Kåta tribe in Scandinavia. Generation after generation, families lived and worked inside the tipi’s. With a history like that, we can’t help but invite them to join the Exchange Vintage Family!
Combining modern technology with traditional design our tepees can withstand extreme weather. It’s cozy in the winter and gorgeous in the summer. The canvas is durable and waterproof, so a little rain won’t ruin the party. Even Mother Earth loves our tipi’s. With eco friendly manufacturing and sourcing of the material it’s a win for all!


Our Tipi’s are gorgeous as is, but they become even more so when you put your personal style on them. From high end chic, to warm and bohemian, our Tipi’s are a blank canvas for you. The sides can be raised or lowered to create just the right space. With finishing touches such as: vintage lounges, open fire pits, farm tables & fairy lights, there are a variety of touches to let your event overflow with atmosphere and style.


What is even more unique, is the capacity each tipi can hold. They can stand individually or linked together to increase capacity. To give you a general idea of the space, One tipi can hold approximately 120 guests mingling and 72 for a seated dinner.

Our floorplan tool can help you visualize different layouts in each tipi, both separate or linked together.